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The Royals and Verrat find Adalind is in Portland and send an ally in the FBI to go confirm she is there. Nick goes to talk to Adalind and Renard. Nick tries to tell Adalind and Renard they need to work together, and that the Royals will soon figure out where Adalind is and coming looking for her. The FBI agent sends Verrat agents into the building. 

Nick brings Adalind  and the baby to Monroe and Rosalee's house for safety.  Viktor arrives in Portland and goes to visit Renard. Viktor threatens to Renard that he will kill Adalind and his mother, who is still alive, unless he hands over the baby. The police arrest Kelly in front of Adalind for the murder of her mother. Adalind and the baby, who Adalind names Diana, go down to the precinct to make a statement.  

Renard takes the baby and sends Adalind into the interrogation room with Kelly. Kelly wonders who Adalind had to kill to regain her powers, and tells her they have to sacrifice what they love most. As Adalind begins putting the pieces together, Renard heads to Viktor and hands over Diana. Back in the limousine, Diana makes a skull from coffee and at the private airport people in masks and guns ambush Viktor, take the limousine and the baby and run. It's later revealed the masked men are Hank, Renard, Monroe, Kelly, and Nick. The episode ends with Kelly with the baby driving off. 

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