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Monroe proposes to Rosalee using a Cuckoo Clock, and she accepts. Meanwhile, an officer in a high speed chase has his scalp cut off by a Wildesheer; Hank and Nick are sent out to investigate. Juliette wonders if she should begin communicating with Nick’s Mom on her own. Nick tells her he can, but they can’t be surprised if she doesn’t respond. The next morning Rosalee and Monroe begin making plans for the wedding, and Rosalee says she should meet his parents today to tell them about the engagement.
Monroe calls his parents to let them know about the upcoming nuptuals. Adalind meets with Viktor and the leader of the Verrat, Danilov. They wonder if the baby’s father might be Renard, but either way the baby is of royal blood.  Juliette gets an email back from Mama Burkhardt, and Nick is wary of involving her and communicating through through her.Back in Vienna, Adalind’s baby continues trying to break free. She meets with Stefania, who tells her they must go into hiding.
Nick and Hank head to the trailer to find out more about the Wildesheer, and discover they were known as Berzerkers who scalp their foes and sew them together as battle cloaks. Back at Monroe’s, his parents show up early. Rosalee worries about her first impression, and when she meets them Monroe’s parents immediately pick up on Rosalee being a Fuchsbau. Monroe’s parents believe it goes against the natural order of things, and Rosalee decides to leave. She tells Monroe that he needs to figure some things out with her parents without her. A few moments later, Nick shows up at the door and the installments ends with “To be continued…”
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