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Nick, Trubel, and Hank flee from Nick's house after finding Kelly Burkhardt's head in the box.

Nick comes up with a plan to get revenge on Prince Kenneth. They use the head of the Hundjager Trubel decapitated in the previous episode to set up Kenneth to be arrested. After they find him, Wu transports him to an isolated location, where Nick and Kenneth fight. Nick kills Kenneth after learning some useful information.

He realizes that Juliette helped set up his mother, and using her phone they locate King Frederick, who has arrived to greet his young granddaughter.

Nick and his friends band together to attack the rented estate, killing numerous Verrat Hundjagers, including their leader, Rispoli. However, they are too late to stop Frederick from getting away with Diana in a helicopter. They return home in defeat.

Hank and Captain Renard use the deceased Prince Kenneth as a scapegoat for the Jack the Ripper killings, as he was conveniently the right height, build, and accent to fit.

As Frederick flies away in the helicopter, one of the pilots turns around and throws him out of the helicopter to his death. The pilot is revealed to be Martin Meisner, the Resistance leader, and Diana smiles happily at him as he proclaims "Down with the King!"

Nick goes home and finds Juliette waiting for him. They fight, but he can't bring himself to kill her. She is about to kill him instead when Trubel fatally shoots her with the crossbow. Outside, Agent Chavez sends in her men to get Trubel.

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Grimm Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Renard: I can't believe they shot me with rubber bullets.
Rosalee: Well, we had to make whatever was inside you think he was really dying, otherwise he might not have left you.
Monroe: And if it really was Jack the Ripper, he was from the 1800s, so he would have known about guns, but not rubber bullets. So, he would've thought he was really getting shot.
Renard: I *was* really getting shot. Those things hurt.

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