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Elizabeth, Monroe, and Rosalee inform Nick and Juliette that the missing piece of the spell is that Juliette needs to take the same potion that Adalind did and then sleep with Nick - while disguised as Adalind. Juliette is resistant to the idea.

Adalind continues to run around Viktor's castle tormented by visions.

At a house in the woods, a man named Gabriel and his wife Eva prepare for bed. He comforts her and gives her pills to take. Despite the pills, Eva wakes up in the night and goes downstairs, only to be confronted by a wolf-headed man who forces her to take a drink. Fleeing from him, she rushes out to the car, but she can't escape the wolf-man. She strikes a pedestrian with her car before crashing into a fence, and the wolf-man is still there.

Bud arrives at Nick's house and asks to see Trubel about a Grimm problem. Despite Bud's best intentions, word has gotten out that Nick has been de-Grimmed, and a nasty Klaustreich named Shaw wants payback on Nick.

Renard and Elizabeth meet at Renard's new home and talk about Trubel being a Grimm, and Renard tells his mother that Kelly Burkhardt has the baby. Elizabeth vows to track her down.

Nick and Hank investigate the pedestrian's death while Adalind continues to run in circles in the castle. The detectives talk to the husband, Gabriel, and search the house. Eva has been seeing the visions of the wolf-man for six months, ever since they moved into the house after moving from Brazil.

Trubel confronts Shaw the Klaustreich, who foolishly attacks her before realizing she's a Grimm. She beats him into submission and makes him promise to keep away from Nick (and Bud).

Nick and Hank talk to Eva's shrink, who thinks that Eva should be institutionalized. She gives them pictures of the wolf-man Eva described.

In Philadelphia, Josh Porter, the son of the Grimm who gave Nick one of the Seven Keys in Season 3 Episode 21, arrives home with his father's ashes to find two Verrat Hundjager tossing the place. He manages to escape.

Monroe and Rosalee identify Eva's pictures as a Luison, a South American canid Wesen. Nick and Hank suspect the Brazilian husband, but they have no proof. Monroe agrees to look into it.

Nick and Hank update Captain Renard, who informs them that he knows that Trubel's a Grimm and warns Nick to handle Sergeant Wu and his growing suspicions.

Josh Porter calls Nick and tells him about the men searching his house.

While Nick and Hank keep an eye on Gabriel at the courthouse, Monroe investigates the house and confirms the scent of Luison. He sees a man identical to Gabriel, and escapes just in time. The team plans a way to catch the twins, involving a wolf mask from a costume store.

When they execute their plan that night, they discover that there are in fact four identical men, a real litter. The brothers were trying to convince Eva she was insane so they could get their hands on her sizeable fortune.

Adalind finds herself back in her cell and grovelingly agrees to do whatever Viktor wants in order to find her baby.

Nick admits that he misses being a Grimm. A burning symbol is left on the front lawn as a warning to Monroe and Rosalee about their inter-racial Wesen marriage, and Juliette declares that Nick needs to be a Grimm again.

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Grimm Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Elizabeth Lascelles: [to Juliette] When you do it, you won't exactly be you.
Nick: What do you mean?
Elizabeth Lascelles: The potion will transform you into...
Nick: Oh, God, no.

[on Nick sleeping with Juliette as Adalind] I would suggest a very dark room.

Elizabeth Lascelles