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Juliette is still upset that there is apparently no solution for her Hexen-ness, and she still refuses to talk to Nick about it.

Nick tells Hank about what happened to Juliette before they're called out to investigate the death of a biker who was killed after coming into contact with a very unusual toxin. Wu theorizes that the toxin, which is similar to that of a frog, was actually delivered by a Wesen.

Monroe and Rosalee determine that the death was the work of a very rare Wesen that only woges when another person is sexually aroused by her. In this case, the biker had a serious crush on the frog Wesen. His death was actually a tragic accident.

One of the other bikers figures out that the Wesen, a young woman named Bella, was somehow responsible for the victim's death, and goes to her store to rape her. She woges again and kills him. She flees to her mother's house, only to be attacked by her grandmother, who wants to scar her with an iron in order to make her unattractive to men.

Nick and Hank arrive just in time and are able to offer Bella an alternative: Monroe and Rosalee have come up with a brew that might end her toxic touch, though the potential side-effects are unknown. Bella willingly drinks the potion after deciding that anything was better than what she was living with.

Meanwhile, Juliette stops by the house to pick up a few things: she's moving out on Nick. When he tries to make up with her, she laughs in his face.

A new Royal, Prince Kenneth, arrives in Portland. He quickly discovers Adalind's second pregnancy and snuffs her plan to claim Viktor as the father. Kenneth dispatches Sam Damarov after using him to lure Renard to an isolated location. After a fight, Kenneth demands that Renard join forces with him or else.

Several weeks later, Bella goes on a date with a man who doesn't care about the physical disfigurement that resulted from the potion.

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Grimm Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

No, I'm done calming down! Okay, you and Nick and Adalind and all of this Wesen insanity, I am so sick of it! Okay, I was normal before I met all of you. I want my life back!


Nick: Juliette's a Hexenbiest.
Hank: Run that by me again?!