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A car blows out, and the driver searches for help. He comes upon an isolated house, where he complains of the cold, and kills an old woman by sucking out all her heat and freezing her to death.

Monroe suffers from flashbacks and tremors thanks to PTSD from his experience with the Wesenrein.

Nick and Hank, along with other officers, manage to locate the killer and take him back to Portland, only for him to freeze to death in the jail cell.

Renard is still suffering from visions and bleeding.

Juliette nearly succeeds in killing Adalind while Adalind is out shopping for new sexy clothes due to her pregnancy. Juliette realizes that she is losing her humanity an approaches Monroe and Rosalee. When she realizes that Nick and Hank are also at the shop, she grows hostile again after finally revealing her Hexenbiest transformation to everyone.

Nick and the others have learned that there were two other Wesen of the same type out there. They find one frozen to death on the road. The other kills a taxi driver and steals his car to get to the hibernaculum, where that kind of Wesen gathers to hibernate in safety for the winter.

The quartet locates the hibernaculum and their suspect, but the entire group wakes up and chases them out to the barn. After a close call, the Wesen all pass out from the cold. The team puts them all back in the hibernaculum, except for their suspect, whom they allowed to freeze to death in the barn. They put him back in the taxi and allow him to be found in Portland.

Nick mourns the loss of his relationship with Juliette.

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Grimm Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Monroe: It's just... time.
Rosalee: What?
Monroe: We never know how much we're gonna have.

She's a freaking Hexenbiest?!