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As Captain Renard is pronounced dead, the mysterious blonde woman hurries into the room. Her eyes glow, and a force freezes in place the doctors and everyone nearby. She uses a two-headed snake to perform a magical transfusion between herself and Renard, and she passes out on the floor as he abruptly revives.

Adalind arrives at Prince Viktor's palace and begs to see the daughter. Viktor and Vispoli, the head of the Verrat, openly doubt whether she accomplished her mission to de-Grimm Nick Burkhardt, but allow her inside.

Trubel follows the octopus-headed, memory-eating Wesen to a hotel, where he checks in and changes his appearance. Nick and Hank meet her there and tell Trubel to stay put and let them know if he makes a move.

A man named Kent attempts to call Dr. Slocumb, the memory-eater's last victim from the previous episode, but can't reach him.

Monroe and Rosalee are frustrated in their search for something to help Nick. Rosalee worries that this situation is beyond her skills.

The memory-eater uses some of his stolen memories and call's Kent, pretending to be a colleague of Dr. Slocumb. He arranges to meet Kent at his house. Trubel, despite being told to not leave the hotel, follows him as he leaves the hotel.

Captain Renard awakens in the hospital and recognizes the mysterious blonde woman as his mother.

Hank and Nick learn about another, earlier victim of the memory-eater. Agent Chavez arrives at the precinct and questions Nick in private to learn if he is a Grimm. After he doesn't react to her woge, she knows who the Grimm is, and says as much to an unknown person on the other end of a phone call.

Sgt. Wu has been growing more suspicious of Trubel, and he realizes that she's a double-homicide suspect. Before he can confront Nick and Hank about it, they are called away to help Trubel.

Juliette pays Monroe and Rosalee a visit at the spice shop and tells them to take their time searching for a cure for Nick's current Grimm-less state. She thinks that this might be the opportunity for them to share a normal life together, though Monroe and Rosalee are not so sure.

Renard wakes up again and speaks with his mother. They are both happy she came in time to save him, and he informs her that she's a grandmother.

Trubel follows the memory-eater to Kent's house, but she is caught and knocked unconscious before Nick and Hank arrive. Not finding her there, they head to the hotel.

Meanwhile, Adalind is variously tormented in the dungeon with slop for food and rats. A mysterious cackling voice opens up a peephole into her cell and taunts her briefly before blocking the hole once more.

The memory-eater slaps Trubel awake and questions her as to why she was following him. She says nothing, but he ominously assures her that he'll get his answers. He then turns his attention to Kent, who is helpless by the stairs, and starts mind-sucking him. Trubel takes advantage of the Wesen's distraction and attacks him.

Nick and Hank realize that Trubel is not at the hotel and rush back to Kent's house. The Wesen overpowers Trubel and begins to mind-suck her, but he's suddenly overcome by a barrage of horrific images. He releases her and falls back, screaming. Nick and Hank burst in and arrest him. Both Trubel and Kent are evidently okay and suffer no lasting harm from their attacks.

The two detectives visit Captain Renard at the hospital and tell him that Nick didn't get the potion Renard meant for him. Renard is saddened by the news, but grateful that Trubel knew her way around a machete and saved his life. He introduces Nick and Hank to his mother. The detectives are surprised, since she doesn't look nearly old enough to be Renard's mother.

As Trubel leaves the house on Juliette's bike the next day, Sgt. Wu arrives to confront Nick with what he knows about her. Before Nick can offer any explanation, he is struck by an overpowering headache and collapses. In Vienna, Adalind is similarly struck, and they briefly see what the other is seeing.

A group of men in a van abduct Trubel from the street and throw her into a van. Agent Chavez is in the passenger seat as she tells them to go.

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Grimm Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Oooh, I know I smelled it! Bacon, that's all I want!


Sean Renard: Detectives Burkhardt and Griffin, this is Elizabeth LaSalle. My mother.
Hank Griffin: [surprised] Oh.
Nick Burkhardt: Hi.
Sean Renard: ...She's had a little work done.