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Juliette overcomes her initial panic at her Hexenbiest transformation as Nick and Hank spring Wu from the drunk tank and take him to Nick's trailer in the woods.

Wu is initially hesitant, but is soon convinced. They are interrupted by a call from Rosalee, who has discovered that Monroe has been kidnapped by the Wesenrein.

As the Wesenrein drag Monroe to their hideout at an abandoned warehouse, Nick and Hank question Officer Acker, who had been stationed outside Monroe's house. He claims that he was struck over the head and didn't really see anything. They send Rosalee to stay with Juliette for safety's sake.

Monroe is left guarded by a young Blutbad who seems very keen to torment him as much as possible. Also prisoner is a man named Terry, who gives Monroe his wedding ring to give to his wife before being dragged away by the Wesenrein.

In Vienna, Prince Viktor informs Adalind that they're going back to Portland, because that's were all the key players are.

Nick and Hank arrest Shaw, a Klaustreich member of the Wesenrein. He denies any knowledge of what happened to Monroe, though he is very surprised to learn that Nick is once again a Grimm. They let Shaw go and leave Wu surveilling his house.

Shaw gets a call tipping him off to the surveillance. Sneaking out the back, he meets with the Wesenrein Grandmaster, who executes him as a precaution against him telling the police anything.

After Shaw's body is found, the team searches his house. Wu spots a photo which includes Officer Acker, and they realize that he must be Wesenrein, too.

Monroe attempts to escape. Fleeing into the woods, he finds a charred corpse on a stake, and as he stares in horror, the Wesenrein catch him.

Back at the precinct, the team looks into Acker's phone records and discover he's been contacting a prison inmate many times. Visiting the prison, they intimidate the prisoner, who's a Maushertz, into revealing the identity of the Wesenrein Grandmaster.

They raid his house and find a phone.

The Wesenrein take Monroe into the woods, where he is made to stand before their tribunal.

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Grimm Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

[about Wesen] Oh, so there are friendly ones. Good to know!


If they hurt Monroe, I will kill them! I will hunt them down and *kill* them!