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Eve informs Nick about her findings from her time disguised as Renard. Later, when Nick informs the rest of Team Grimm, Rosalee reveals that Adalind's 'biest has returned. They agree not to let her know that they know for now.

Adalind decides to return to work at her old law firm, which values her contribution as a Hexenbiest.

Meanwhile, Nick and Hank investigate the murder of a teenager, Brian, who had been convicted of criminally negligent homicide of a friend, Kuma Akagi. Brian, Kuma, and a third friend Roger had been hanging out, drinking, and smoking pot. Talking to Roger, they learn that Kuma had brought his father's katana to show off. Roger brought out his grandfather's old gun to one-up his friend. The gun accidentally went off, startling Kuma into woge. This scared the other two, who dropped the gun to the ground. It discharged again, fatally wounding Kuma.

They realize that an ancient tradition is in play, and after talking to Kuma's father, they realize that the Akagi family lawyer is an Inugami ghost dog, dealing out traditional vengeance. They are able to stop and arrest the lawyer before he can take vengeance on Roger.

Renard meets with Black Claw, and they produce his daughter Diana.

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

Maybe hold your breath, just in case?

Monroe [on opening a mysterious door]

Rosalee [on Eve having sex while disguised as Renard]: Well. I wonder what that was like.
Nick: ...I didn't... ask...