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Nick, Adalind, and Kelly move out of Nick's house to a more secure location, which turns out to be an old paint factory. While Adalind and the baby settle into their new home, Nick joins up with Hank to investigate the discovery of the body of a woman who'd been missing for two years.

The woman had been abducted by a group of children who had decided that she would be their mother. The children are all Wesen, but none of them understand what they are. One of them, Lily, is ill.

Meisner calls on Renard to deliver the news of the King's death and Diana's safety.

Two of the kids go out to find medicine for Lily. Rosalee catches one shoplifting, but willingly gives him the medicine, despite Monroe's later reservations. The kids decide she will be their next Mother and kidnap her to their wilderness abode.

Monroe, Nick, and Hank figure out what happened and set out after them.

Rosalee figures out the kids are Wesen but they don't understand what they are. After they fall asleep, she escapes, but runs into a trap. When they pull her out, they threaten to kill her. When she woges, they are suprised to discover she's like them.

Nick, Hank, and Monroe show up and take the kids in after some confusion. The children are placed in the system, where they are brought into the Occultatem Libera.

Meisner releases Trubel from her cell, saying that "It's time."

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Tell you two things I know about kids. One, they are the future and should be cherished. Two, they're lying little bastards!


Kelly, you're too young to appreciate the irony of this, but the car we're driving around belonged to a woman who tried to kill me. Of course, I tried to kill her, too. It was all very complicated.