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Doyle Basque is on his way to his mother's house for a visit when his car gets a flat tire and he crashes into a tree. He takes off running down the road as night falls. In the light of a full moon, a crazed Blutbad attacks a couple of hikers. The next morning, a driver finds Doyle unconscious on the road, covered in blood.

Nick and Hank don't believe his story of being attacked by a man and his dog, and tests on the blood on his shirt reveal three separate contributors. With the help of Monroe and Rosalee, they search the woods and find the corpses of the two hikers. Monroe realizes they are dealing with Lycanthropia, a condition affecting Blutbad causing insanity during the full moon. There is no cure, unfortunately.

They immediately suspect Doyle and arrest him, locking him in a cell overnight. When he doesn't transform, they all realize that his mother is the lycanthrope. Together, they rush back to her house, but she is already on the loose in the woods. She attacks them despite Doyle's attempts to calm her, and they are forced to kill her, though Wu is hurt.

Meanwhile, Rachel Wood continues to pressure Renard to accept Black Claw's offer to run for mayor. Renard talks to Adalind about what happened to their daughter Diana. Eve discovers the plan for Renard to be mayor and informs Nick and Hank, who don't believe that Renard knew about the assassination of Andrew Dixon before it happened.

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Adalind [about Nick]: We have a son together.
Renard: And *we* have a daughter.
Adalind: Well, maybe I should live with *both* of you. Wouldn't *that* be fun.

Renard [sees Adalind's powers have returned]: Well. That's interesting. Does Nick know?
Adalind: No.
Renard: Are you going to tell him?
Adalind: I don't know.
Renard: This feels very familiar.