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Nick takes an injured Trubel to the hospital. While she is being treated, he attempts to figure out where she has been. Adalind is very surprised to recognize Meisner as the male voice on Chavez's phone, and she vouches for him to Nick.

Meanwhile, Nick and Hank investigate when two drunk Klaustreichs are killed after attacking a Reinigen in a junkyard. They come face-to-face with the Rat King, a monstrous creature of a bunch of merged Reinigen, when rescuing another Klaustreich. They are forced to flee, and are only saved when they lure the Rat King into a trap involving a live power line.

As they leave the Reinigen to the police, Nick gets an ominous phone call from Meisner, who has shown up at the paint factory hideaway after tracking the GPS on Trubel's motorcycle.

Meisner warns Nick that Trubel is in grave danger and asks where she is. Nick takes a leap of faith and tells him, and they both arrive at the hospital in time to stop her physician and nurses, actually Wesen members of the Occultatem Libera uprising, from kidnapping her. After a brief but violent fight, Nick spirits Trubel to safety and asks Adalind to tell him everything she knows about Meisner.

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

[regarding Trubel] Someone's gone through a lot of trouble -- the other kind of trouble -- to make Lauren Cole seem real.


I knew if I could just get to you it would be okay...