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Team Grimm meets and decides to lock Renard out of the loop because of his apparent involvement with Black Claw. Eve asks Nick to give her a window so she can impersonate Renard to get information from Rachel Wood.

A tent revival comes to Portland, and the minister claims to draw the Devil out of the congregants and into himself. Except he's just a Wesen; his woge just happens to look somewhat diabolical. One of his bodyguards confronts a man taking a video of the whole thing, and after a brief fight, the bodyguard is accidentally killed.

Nick and Hank track down the other man, Benjamin McCullough, who is with another church that thinks Dwight Eleazar is genuinely possessed by the devil. The leader of this other church, Joan Vark, was also apparently married to Dwight at one point.

When Nick and Hank press him, Dwight confesses to the fraud, but is convinced that he's helping the people and saving them despite that. Unfortunately, the other congregation kidnaps him and attempts to drive out the devil with red-hot fireplace pokers. Despite Nick and Hank's attempts to save him, Dwight dies, and the congregants are arrested for kidnap and murder.

Meanwhile, Eve impersonates Renard and ends up in an entirely awkward position when Rachel Wood attempts to have sex with her/him.

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

Eve: Do you remember when Adalind became me and I became her?
Monroe: I'm pretty sure none of us will ever be able to *un-remember* that.

Monroe [about Renard]: So, what do we think? Are we *voting* for him?
Hank: Well, the devil you know...