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Picking up where the previous season left off, Captain Renard, in shock over having just killed Bonaparte, leaves Nick in the loft. Nick reunites with the rest of his friends, and they make haste to clean up all the dead bodies at the loft and spice shop.

Eve continues to display strange after-effects of the magic stick that Nick used to heal her, and she has a strange vision when she touches one of the dead Wesen. She later recognizes symbols from the vision on the cloth that held the magic stick.

Renard organizes the Portland Police into a full-scale manhunt, blaming Nick for the deaths of all the cops who were killed the night before, including most of the North Precinct.

Nick manages to escape immediate capture, though most of Team Grimm is placed under surveillance. He goes to see Adalind, who expresses concern over her very, very dangerous daughter, Diana, who killed both Bonaparte and Renard's lover.

Said lover's body is discovered, and forensics reveals Renard's fingerprints all over the room.

Nick eventually makes his way to Bud's refrigerator repair shop, where he meets with the rest of Team Grimm. After he sends Wu and Hank back to the precinct, they learn that the shop is now under surveillance.

Renard and the SERT team move into position to rush the shop and kill Nick.

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Grimm Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

If they’re going to shoot one of us, it’s going to be in front of the other! [Monroe gives her a shocked look.] That didn’t come out right.


You should never have fallen in love with Burkhardt. Now you’re gonna regret it.

Renard [to Adalind]