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Monroe and Rosalee return home to discover that Eve has used her Hexenbiest magic to pass through the mirror to the "other place" that Diana warned them about.

Nick immediately decides to follow her, and he uses the Magic Stick to reopen the portal. Unfortunately, the stick does not pass through with him.

The remainder of Team Grimm takes it upon themselves to consult with Captain Renard, the only other person they know might have additional information.

They share the story about the Magic Stick, the strange carvings in the tunnel, and the connection with Diana. In return, Renard consults his Russian friend.

The Russian friend fearfully declares that Diana may be a "child bride" of a devil of terrible prophecy.

Eve and Nick find themselves in a desolate forest where primitive humans and Wesen brutally hunt each other like prey for food, consuming the flesh of their enemies.

The duo manage to communicate with a tribe of humans that they want to hunt down and kill the skull-faced monster, which the humans identify as Zerstörer.

One of the tribesmen leads Eve and Nick back to the Stonehenge-like place where they arrived. When Zerstörer shows up, however, Nick is unable to injure him with his sidearm.

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Grimm Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

I have a strength and a purpose that I never had before. I know you’re here because you loved me once, and you feel responsible for the bad things that’ve happened. But you can’t change any of it. And I can’t change any of it. And if you could, would you really go back to the way things were, just to be happy? “Happy” doesn’t interest me anymore, Nick, it just gets in the way. I know everything that has happened to us, that brought us together, right here, right now, happened for a reason.


How do you say “I am a vegetarian” in German?

Eve [offered roasted Blutbad]