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As Nick and Eve face off against the dreaded skull-faced Zerstörer in the mirror-realm, the rest of Team Grimm heatedly discuss what should be done. They realize that the skull-faced figure had lured Nick to the mirror-realm so he could somehow escape.

Diana, hoping to save Nick and Eve, reopens the mirror portal with the Magic Stick, but Zerstörer hitches a ride into the real world, too. As Team Grimm regroups, Zerstörer emerges elsewhere in Portland, taking on human form and swiftly beginning a killing spree as he hunts his prey.

Renard and Adalind take Diana and baby Kelly to hide in a cabin in the woods (the same cabin that Nick faced his first Blutbad in) while Nick, Hank, and Wu start investigating bodies in the hopes of tracking Zerstörer.

After Trubel shows up, she and Monroe and Rosalee and Eve figure out that Zerstörer is not just after Diana, but the Magic Stick as well, which is apparently part of Zerstörer's super-powerful Magic Staff.

Diana also declares that Zerstörer wants her little brother Kelly, too.

Nick, Hank, and Wu arm themselves with heavy weaponry at the precinct, but Zerstörer shows up, mowing through cops. Zerstörer easily kills Wu and then Hank when all their attacks prove ineffective.

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Grimm Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Ragnarok brings a huge flood... um, the sky is on fire… and all life gets swallowed by wolves. Which if you’re a wolf, that’s good news.


It’s Hexenbiest blood, not Zauberbiest blood! There *is* a difference!