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As Cassie (Nicole Forester) gets dressed for her impromptu wedding today, Jeffrey eyes the email invitation requesting that he bring a date. Meanwhile, Olivia panics when she learns that someone else picked up Emma from nursery school today. Emma calls her mother and reveals that she is with "Aunt" Reva.

Episode Recap Part One

Taking the phone, Reva boasts that she will do anything to protect Jonathan and Sarah and warns an angry Olivia that no one she loves is safe. When Josh spots Cassie before the wedding and gets a face full of Blake's perfume, she worries because it's bad luck.

As she stares at herself in a mirror, Cassie imagines seeing Tammy in her wedding gown. Josh uses his own key to let himself into the Cross Creek cabin and Reva remarks she should get the lock changed. He admits he's here for H.B.'s cufflinks and claims that he hopes that she can make it to the wedding.

Episode Recap Part Two

Later, Olivia confronts Reva at Cross Creek and demands her daughter back. Jeffrey arrives and, in front of Olivia, invites Reva as his date to the wedding. Reva accepts and kicks Olivia out. Still drinking, Billy comforts Lizzie as she remembers Sarah.

When Reva arrives and tells her that she can't wish Cassie happiness, Cassie tells her sister that it might have been better if she wasn't there. After complaining to Jeffrey about how Reva thinks the world is her own pumpkin patch, Olivia calls Alan for help regarding Emma. With Billy by Josh's side, the Reverend Ruthledge begins the ceremony.


Reva (Kim Zimmer) drops her champagne glass when the minister asks if anyone has an objection. Later, Reva slips out and Josh and Cassie exchange vows and rings. Before the Reverend can pronounce them husband and wife though, everyone hears a crash and we see Olivia behind the wheel and a bloody Reva face first on the windshield.

Guiding Light
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