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Episode Guide: Part One

Cassie guesses to Josh that Reva did this to stop their wedding but he doesn't believe her. In her hospital bed, Reva comes clean to Olivia and admits that she staged this accident to stop her from blackmailing her. Reva agrees to have a foggy memory about the "accident" if Olivia agrees not to say anything about Jonathan and Sarah.

Episode Guide: Part Two

However, she does back off about Jeffrey and suggests that she'll let him decide whom he wants in his life. When Ava (Michelle Ray Smith) presses Jeffrey to show some compassion for her mother instead of Reva, Jeffrey reveals that Olivia deliberately hit Reva. Ava doesn't believe him but he points out how she arranged for Ava to be mugged.

Episode Guide: Part Three

Unimpressed, Ava forces him to go to Olivia and, after seeing her in a tender moment with Emma, he agrees to give Olivia five minutes of his time. Confronting her, Jeffrey asks if she's the loving mother right now or the vindictive woman who attacks her enemies.

As they talk, a cop arrives with orders to bring her to the station house for questioning, thanks to Cassie's complaint about her.

Episode Guide: Part Four

When Buzz reveals he's running for mayor too, Doris attacks his family to the press. Fed up with Coop failing to commit, Ashlee tells him to go back to his super model. She finds Stuart, kisses him and takes him back to her place. Meanwhile, Ava pours some wine and when Coop arrives, she confesses her love for him but he can't respond. Josh visits Reva and when she learns he's not married, she claims it's a good thing and lays into him for wanting to marry her sister.

She then lies that she didn't throw herself at Olivia's car but he responds that while he's sorry she was hurt, he intends to marry Cassie.

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