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The Beginning

Cyrus advises Griggs that he's not ready to take the Spaulding money and run just yet. Hearing Gus, Cyrus hangs up. Meanwhile, wearing Gus' old Cubs' shirt, Natalia greets Gus. He assures her that he's there to spend time with Rafe (E.J. Bonilla) and acknowledges that he and Harley are having trouble right now.

However, Gus also claims that he expects to go back to Harley.

Episode Recap: Part One

Having heard them talking, Cyrus warns Natalia that she's too obvious. She counters that Alan's got a keen eye. Rafe presses Gus to choose between his mother and Harley (Beth Ehlers), asking him who he loves.

When he won't say, Rafe walks out. Dylan approaches Gus who figures out that Dylan saw him the night Harley was in his bed.

Gus orders him to stay out of his marriage but Dylan claims his marriage can't be saved. Harley accuses Natalia of wanting Gus and Natalia responds that she can't force Gus to choose her.

She then leaks that Gus came to the Spaulding mansion after Harley kicked him out of the house

Episode Recap: Part Two

Alexandra tries to convince her brother that Cyrus is perfect for a job at Spaulding but Alan suggests he work in the cafeteria since he'll only be able to steal food there.

Rick advises Beth that he would prefer that their daughter stay away from the Spaulding family.

Alan interrupts and so Rick orders him to back off but Alan insists he's there to talk about Lizzie. While Rick waits outside, Alan complains to Beth about her daughter partnering with Billy to help the Lewis family.

Beth claims Lizzie is struggling to get past Sarah's death and won't interfere with her. When Alan uses the term "our baby," Beth is outraged and Rick calls security and warns him to stay away.

The End

Alan's amused to find the security officer who escorted him out is actually Cyrus. Impressed, Alan tells his sister he likes the guy now.

Curious when Rick won't allow further testing, Beth asks Lillian to schedule a paternity test.

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