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Matt convinces Dinah (Gina Tognoni) to have a drink with him but after awhile, Dinah tells him that she thought she saw Griggs there and worries that he wants to "finish her off."

Part One

Matt points out that Springfield would be the last place he would show up and offers to take her home and call her doctor.

Meanwhile, Vanessa leaks to Mallet that she saw her ex-husband having a drink with Dinah at the Towers.

Part Two

Mallet doubts that she would drink because of her rehab efforts and downplays her concern that the two might be "carrying on."

Mallet later surprises Dinah back at the hotel suite but when he realizes she was scared about Griggs, he calls the prison in Europe and advises his wife that Griggs is safely locked away.

Harley blasts Gus for going straight over to see Natalia after he walked out on their marriage.

Gus explains that he actually wanted to spend time with his son but she points out he could have done so without living with the kid's mother.

Part Three

She announces that she doesn't know if she'll ever be able to forgive him for sleeping with Natalia.

While Harley later opens up to Cassie (Nicole Forester) about her pain, Gus returns to the Spaulding mansion and advises Natalia that he can't stay there with Rafe as long as she is living there.

Natalia responds that she is willing to wait for him no matter how long it will take and then kisses him. As they lock lips, Alan lets Rafe take a look as proof that his parents will be back together.


Hearing she passed out in Dylan's bed, Cassie is suspicious so Harley gets a drug test and learns that there are traces of drugs in her blood. The two wonder who could have drugged her.

Guiding Light
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