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Grabbing Mallet's gun from under the bed, Dinah stares into a mirror and tells herself that she was imagining Griggs. Mallet emerges from the bathroom and assures her that Griggs is locked up in a prison in Amsterdam.

Recap, Part I

Later, Dinah visits with her doctor about her latest symptom and he suggests she's hallucinating.

Seeing Griggs in the hallway, Dinah shoots him after he touches her and runs to tell Mallet they have to hide his body. He shows her there is no body or blood and suggests it was her mind playing games on her again.

After he leaves, Dinah spots Griggs again, unaware it's really him. When Cassie guesses to Harley that it was Alan who slipped her the drug, Harley suggests that Natalia is to blame.

When Gus backs off from her kiss and tells her he's not interested, Natalia asks why he took so long to stop kissing her.

Recap, Part II

He claims it's not fair to anyone and then finds a bottle of pills in Alan's desk. Over ice cream sodas at the Towers, Alan talks to Emma about her father Phillip. Seeing Reva, Alan warns her to stay away from Olivia's daughter and then wonders what she wants from Olivia.

Reva's curious when Cassie asks her how far Dylan would go to try to win Harley back.

Cassie later talks to Rafe and tells him Alan's world revolved around Phillip. Reva orders Olivia to tell Alan to back off. Meanwhile, Harley confronts Natalia about someone drugging her drink and asks if she's responsible.

Guessing she's making this up, Natalia reminds her that Gus wanted to sleep with her and when she asks if she was hurt, Harley realizes that it wasn't her while Natalia remembers the pills Gus found.


Alan interrupts and when Harley accuses him in front of Gus and Natalia, he proudly admits he drugged Harley. When he spots Rafe enter, he accidentally calls him Phillip.

Guiding Light
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