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Meeting him out on the terrace at the Towers, Cyrus reminds Griggs that he shouldn't be seen in public until their scheme is done. Griggs admits that Dinah spotted him.

Episode Recap, Part I

As Cyrus chastises him, Dinah spots Griggs from inside the restaurant. But when she tries to snap a cellphone photo, she finds only Cyrus on the terrace.

She insists she saw him talking with Griggs but Cyrus plays dumb. Later, Matt kisses her but when she doesn't respond, he apologizes and claims he just misses his wife and daughter.

After stealing a bracelet from an unsuspecting admirer, Cyrus presents it to Alexandra as a gift. She spots the engraved "to my rose" on the back and he claims he thinks of her as a flower.

Episode Recap, Part II

Alone with some documents, Cyrus writes down various security codes and passwords. Ashlee lets Doris know that she doesn't support her run for mayor and adds that her relationship with Coop is going nowhere.

When Doris claims they can't trust anyone but each other and mentions her past, Ashlee (Caitlin Van Zandt) states that she wants to forget about her past. Buzz sets up Ashlee and Coop to give out pamphlets together at the Beacon but they run into Ava which spoils the moment.

After Doris hints she may play dirty, Buzz suggests to Lillian that they cool things for a while. She claims she's not afraid of Doris. Billy overhears Vanessa arguing with Matt about being seen with Dinah and invites her into his hotel room to talk.

Boasting that he has changed since they were together, Vanessa compliments a guilt-ridden Billy on how he's turned his life around.


Later, Billy advises Lizzie he wants to "do good" so the two show Buzz and Lillian Alan has resurrected Phillip's plans to turn Springfield into "Spauldingfield" with Doris' help once she's mayor.

Guiding Light
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