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Reva tells Dylan (Brian Gaskill) she and Jeffrey are officially a couple, and they are now living together.

Olivia says Reva won and remarks that Jeffrey’s only there until Josh walks back into Reva’s life. Olivia admits to Jeffrey how she blackmailed Reva with her knowledge of Jon and Sarah being alive so she could get what she wanted ... him.


Olivia (Crystal Chappell) kisses Jeffrey and tells him she forgives him because she has to – and then walks away from him. Daisy is ecstatic to hear Rafe is staying in town, but he pushes her away. Daisy is honest and apologetic with Natalia about trying to come between her and Rafe and he accepts her apology.


Gus calls Alan to say that he and Harley are stronger than ever, and are going to renew their vows.

Trying to convince herself, she tells Gus renewing their vows feels right. Daisy overhears Alan’s plan to keep Gus from saying his vows. Alan has a cop arrest Daisy and Reva tries to stop it. As she’s dragged away, Daisy alerts Reva how Alan is trying to sabotage Gus and Harley.

Alan calls Gus and claims that Rafe is very ill and that they are flying to New York. Gus, panicked, leaves Harley a note saying he’ll be back in time for the wedding, but it is accidentally tossed away. Reva tries to get Alan to release Daisy, but he refuses.

Harley tries to remain upbeat when Gus doesn’t show. Alan gets a call saying that Jonathan is alive. Alan asks Ava for advice on how to get Gus to leave Harley for good.


Alan says Gus and Harley are going to renew their vows, and offers to send Nat and Rafe to New York to meet with a diabetes specialist and to give Nat a chance to get away.

Guiding Light
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