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Part 1: Shocked when Natalia fails to deny that she slept with Gus, Harley (Beth Ehlers) asks what she intends to do now and guesses she thinks Gus is hers because he was hers first back in high school. Natalia denies that she had a plan when she came to Springfield but does confirm Daisy told her about Harley and Gus' marital problems. She points out that it was Harley who told Gus he had a son. Dylan tells Billy that if there is any chance he can get back together with Harley, he's going to take that chance. Daisy warns Rafe that if Alan is being nice to him, it's because he wants something from him.

Part 2: Rafe denies being an easy mark and claims he'll take what he wants from him. Finding her mother crying, Daisy tries to comfort her. Admitting she appreciates his honesty, Harley decides to accompany Dylan to his rehab. Mallet confirms for Marina that he's got insurance problems after Dinah's injury. Later, the insurance agent confirms that Dinah's policy doesn't cover a shooting. Marina gets a call about a robbery at the Towers but when "the perp" gets past her, Cyrus punches him out on the elevator so she can arrest the thief.

Part 3: Marina later tells Alexandra (Mark Dusay) that she's turned down the Washington job offer she arranged. Vanessa gets frustrated when Dinah can't complete a simple introduction to a video restaurant review of the Towers but when she urges her daughter to go home and rest, Dinah accuses her of abandoning her again. After Matt reveals that there are plenty of hospital bills, he reminds Dinah that Vanessa has served him with divorce papers and points out that there is no job that is suitable for her. Vanessa decides to fire her daughter so Mallet asks her to let him tell Dinah.

Guiding Light
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