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Part 1: Dinah (Gina Tognoni) approaches Cyrus about teaming up for one more job because of her huge medical bills but he insists he's not that guy anymore. When Dinah becomes dizzy and falls into his arms, Alexandra arrives. As she leaves the Spaulding mansion, Dinah steals one of the vases. Remy enters Lizzie's suite at the Beacon and orders her to get out of bed and get her life going again. Dressing in a business outfit, Lizzie tries to talk to her father into mentoring her about her research into the Internet but he laughs at the idea of her working. She responds that all he seems to care about now is Remy and Natalia. She ends up shooting pool at a small bar and offers to buy the place so she can turn it into a successful club.

Part 2: Knowing she's looking for a job at the Towers, Alan makes sure Natalia's told there are no openings. Back in town, Gus looks for Harley at the hospital where Billy reveals Harley accompanied Dylan out of town for his rehabilitation. Knowing they've gone to New York, Billy lies that the two are in Chicago. Gus runs into Natalia at the Towers and she warns that Harley knows they had sex. She claims that if Harley truly loves him, she'll forgive him.

Part 3: When Dinah returns to the hotel suite, Mallet stumbles as he tells her that Vanessa fired her. She laughs at his concern for her reaction and admits her fear that Frank (Frank Dicopoulos) was going to have her arrested for stealing a Spaulding vase. Mallet forces her to take it back and when Dinah confirms that Marina is like Mallet's kid sister, Alexandra offers Dinah a deal. Alan's upset when Remy interrupts his chat with Natalia and claims that she must leave with him. Cyrus surprises Marina with some expensive items her bought to spruce up her place but she claims she's not interested in money and warns that it changes people.

Guiding Light
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