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PART ONE: As Lizzie watches Billy get handcuffed in his room at the Beacon, Bill approaches but then backs off as he sees the results of his call about a drunk driver. He wanders to the Towers where he finds Doris cleaning up after her failed mayoral run. Bill grabs the Main Street plans and leaves. Taken to the hospital for a blood test, Billy is defensive when Lizzie pushes him to get to rehab and get the help he needs.

PART TWO: Spotting a reporter, Bill slips his father out a side door and takes him to Cassie's where the two try to have a father/son chat. Close to making a break through, Lizzie interrupts and advises Billy that it was Bill who called the police. Knowing he's not wanted, Bill walks out and approaches Buzz about a proposal for the mall. Buzz insists he's not interested. Vanessa calls Bill to attend an intervention for his father but when he arrives and finds Dinah, Josh and others there, Billy announces that this meeting is really for Bill.

PART THREE: As everyone chastises Bill, Dinah is the only person to defend him. Billy warns his son that he's a "lost soul" but Bill claims everyday he fights becoming Billy. Frustrated, Bill returns to Ava who invites him to hang out with her. Ava boasts that she has info that will hurt Ashlee but that Coop will find out if she goes to the press. The two end up in bed, where Bill presses her to reveal that she thinks the election was fixed. Lizzie is disgusted to find them together...

Guiding Light
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