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Billy wants to know why Buzz is so intent to get rid of Bill. Bill sees them together and thinks that Billy is in cahoots with Buzz. Buzz confides in Marina that there have been suggestions that the mayoral vote was rigged. He hires Marina to find out if that’s true. Ashlee (Caitlin Van Zandt) feels guilty as Coop thanks her for supporting Buzz. Ava pulls Ashlee aside to tell her she has proof that Ashlee rigged the election.

Ava will keep her secret but expects Ashlee to repay the favor. Buzz is ready to come forward about the vote, but then realizes the good he could do as mayor and reconsiders. Bill (Daniel Cosgrove) gives Buzz until January first to grant him the construction contract for Main Street, and Bill promises to leave Company as is. Bill advises Ava to hold the dat she has on Ashlee to get what she wants. Marina sidles up to Bill for info but he’s on to her and wants her to tell Buzz that his information is solid.

Bill doesn’t want to answer Marina’s questions about the election for her own sake. Zach covers his phone call and hides the sneakers Phillip got for him from Harley (Beth Ehlers). Cyrus gets Zach to admit to Harley that the sneakers are from Phillip. Harley learns from Zach that Phillip will be at the game, and she and Cyrus hide out waiting for Phillip. They see someone come with a box for Zach and the two tackle him, thinking it's Phillip.

Guiding Light
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