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Cassie and Josh tell Will that Edmund is going back to San Cristobel today and Will does not care. Cassie discovers that Will is missing. Josh finds Will in Edmund’s room and is dubious over his intentions.

Episode Guide, Part I

Beth and Cassie (Nicole Forester) run into each other and Beth shows Cassie Will’s artwork, which shows how abandoned he felt by Cassie. Josh asks if Will pushed Edmund and Will becomes cold and tells Josh to never come between him and his mom. Marina asks Buzz to hold off on resigning until she finds out more about the election being rigged. Doris makes a scene, claiming Buzz (Justin Deas) stole the election, but Mallet is able to drag her away. Marina insists Mallet let his investigation go.

Episode Guide, Part II

Mallet (Robert Bogue) can’t help but notice odd request. Marina calls Buzz and suggests he keep Doris quiet, but Buzz has another idea - he asks Doris to come work for his administration. Mallet calls the election board to investigate the election. Harley and Cyrus apologize to Remy for tackling him until Harley realizes Remy is carrying a jacket of Phillip’s. Overwhelmed by fear of Phillip returning, Harley finds comfort in Cyrus’s arms.


Harley (Beth Ehlers) and Cyrus make a deal: to admit their feelings and then move on. Later, Remy warns Marina to look out for Harley before she steals Cyrus right out from under her.

Guiding Light
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