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When Josh asks Cassie about getting in the Christmas spirit, she reveals how she is tormented by thoughts of past holidays with Tammy. R.J.'s curious when he spots Will filling a bag with a lot of cash.

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Josh brings Will to the church where he asks him to help paint a few chairs in hopes that some of the anger inside of him will dissipate by talking with him. Instead, Will hears Daisy (Bonnie Dennison) asking for more babysitting hours and offers to pay her to drive him to the mall.

Josh and Cassie panic when they can't find Will. Relieved after hearing from Daisy, the two end up arguing about Will again. Reva (Kim Zimmer) bumps into Josh who agrees to go shopping with her for presents for their children.

Unaware that Will has paid off the electrical repairman there, the two end up getting trapped in a stairwell with R.J. and hear an announcement that the mall is about to close. Cyrus approaches Doris about allowing Marina to get her job back on the police force. When she refuses at first, he flirts with her.

Marina and Harley learn that Cyrus ended the search for Phillip. Harley guesses he did it to protect her and thanks him for turning down Alan's (Ron Raines) money. Hearing about his hopes and plans t0 surprise Marina, Harley offers to help Cyrus get her reinstated by helping him talk to the police commissioner.


Marina gives Mallet some wrong information about a computer hacker still being in town and then announces to Buzz that she's flying to Silicon Valley to find the guy who may be responsible for the election fraud.

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