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Cassie finds Harley in Cyrus’s arms and wonders what she’s happened upon. Cyrus’ and Harley’s divorce papers come through on the same day. Drunken Harley and Cyrus head out together...

Episode Recap

Harley tells Cyrus to go home, but he stays to help up the stairs. Drunken, exhausted Cyrus crawls into Harley’s bed. Ashlee feels increasingly guilty when Coop gets her a dress to wear to the inaugural party. Ava tries to blackmail Ashlee into canceling her date with Coop to the inauguration and getting him to ask Ava instead. Coop (John Driscoll) beams proudly at Buzz as he gets ready for the inauguration.

Ashlee (Caitlin Van Zandt) models the dress Coop got for her, then sadly puts it away. Josh asks Will why he seemed so surprised that Josh and RJ made it home in time for Christmas. Cassie is shocked to find that Josh has Will by the arm and is accusing him of getting everyone locked in the mall on Christmas Eve. Daisy takes the blame, and Will pays Daisy off for it. Josh admits to Billy he may've blamed Will to make himself feel better.


Josh gets a call from Edmund’s caretaker as Edmund gets out a couple more words - "St. Mark's," “Will” and “pushed.” Jeffrey’s in Edmund’s room, and ups his IV dose, trying to make sure he stays unconscious.

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