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Guiding Light, 12/6, Part One
Cassie and Josh head to the hospital for Edmund and worry about Will. Both Rick and Reva seem a bit jumpy. Beth is affected by Alan’s kind words, but shuts down at the sight of Rick. Rick, Jeffrey, and Reva figure that if Mallet’s looking for a motive, he may not have to look further than the three of them. Rick, Jeffrey, and Reva go over their cover story. Mallet (Robert Bogue) and Beth are both twigged by Rick, Jeffrey, and Reva’s similar recollection of the events before Edmund fell.

Guiding Light, 12/6, Part Two

Lizzie calls Billy to remind him he’s not alone. Lizzie fumes as Bill goes and hits on a potential client, saying they continue the meeting in his hotel room - and tells Lizzie to take the rest of the day off. Vanessa walks into Bill’s room and gets an eyeful of him with Andrea. Vanessa and Andrea both rush out, and Bill realizes Lizzie was behind the visit. Bill calls Lizzie out on being jealous. Bill comes by with skates for Emma. Olivia thinks Emma deserves a better father than Bill’s been and turns him away.

Guiding Light, 12/6, Part Three
Natalia is ready to set the date for the wedding. Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) and Nat ask Olivia if they can book the Beacon for the wedding. Gus lies to Nat so that he can go to the doctor with Olivia, but Nat sees Gus and Olivia (Crystal Chappell) leaving together. Gus uses the Spaulding name to lobby for Olivia to move up the list on the transplant list. Natalia confronts Olivia. Will clutches something in his hands. He hovers over Edmund who awakens. Mallet asks Edmund if he was pushed, but Edmund loses consciousness...

Guiding Light
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