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Part One

Doris confides to her daughter that once she is mayor, she intends to shutter CO2.

Doris gives Coop a hard time about dating Ava when he tells her he's not voting for her.

Upset, Ashlee warns him about her plans to help Alan (Ron Raines) change Main Street.

Part Two

At the mansion, Alan hangs up and deletes the notice when he spots Harley's call on Gus' cellphone. Natalia gets Gus to dance with her "like the old times" but he then decides he's got to go home.

Natalia follows him and brings the dinner she had made for his upset stomach. Calling Dinah to the Towers, Alexandra offers to pay all of her medical bills and arrange for top specialists to examine her if she'll keep Marina away from Cyrus.

Part Three

After some careful thought, Dinah agrees as long as Mallet never finds out what she's doing. At the same time, Marina introduces Mallet to crime novelist Roc Hoover.

Learning that Gus is back in town and that Mallet saw him at the Spaulding mansion, Frank and Buzz confront him at the house and demand some answers. When Frank gives him a hard time, Gus points out that Harley left town with her ex.

Part Four

Natalia pops out and points out that Harley could have hurt Gus. Later, Mallet hints to Natalia that he's not sure with whom Harley should be. Natalia then warns Gus that he belongs to her.

When Marina refuses to help work some overtime with him, Mallet catches Cyrus at Marina's place and warns that he's interfering with her work.

Part Five

After Dinah advises Cyrus that Remy is with her, he listens from outside her door as Marina tells her drunk friend that Cyrus' marriage won't last and they will then lead a normal life.

While Doris and Alan tell Buzz of their plans, Ashlee (Caitlin Van Zandt) and Coop start a petition drive to save Main Street. As they embrace, Ashlee lets slip that she loves him.

Guiding Light
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