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Part One

Natalia overhears Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) calling Harley and leaving a message about the gift Phillip sent to Emma. Hanging up, he assures Natalia that it's not what you think and she reassures him that it's his concern for others that attracted her to him years ago. After Gus heads over to see Olivia, Alan hints to Natalia that Gus is not ready for a relationship at this time.

Part Two

Gus suggests to a Olivia (Crystal Chappell) that she hire more security to protect her and Emma. Thinking of her deal with Alan, Olivia hints she wishes she had someone to lean on during these troubling times so Gus falls for her words and tells her to call him whenever she needs help. As Marina and Mallet secretly listen, Buzz lets slip to Alexandra that Harley is back home finally. Alexandra quickly guesses that Cyrus must have been found in the rubble too and Marina forces her to reveal they were at the church.

Part Three

Buzz joins Marina and Mallet (Robert Bogue) at the demolished church where they uncover Harley (Beth Ehlers) and Cyrus. While they free Harley, Cyrus is found unconscious. Gus returns to Natalia and announces that he's going to get an annulment. She asks if he'll go to Harley should she call but Gus denies it. Just then, Buzz calls that Harley's been found so he rushes to the hospital. Ashlee confronts Coop about seeing him kiss Ava.

Part Four

She reveals that she was mugged while looking for Marina. After she runs off, Ava approaches Coop who explains that he has decided that he wants to explore a relationship with Ashlee. Ignoring his decision, Ava invites him back to her place but he turns her down. Meanwhile, Ashlee ends up in her room, crying and being held by her mother. When Ashlee tells her mother about Coop and Ava (Michelle Ray Smith), she vows that no one hurts her daughter and hints that the Coopers don't know what it means to suffer.

Guiding Light
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