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Marina (Mandy Bruno) screams at the IRS agents not to take Cyrus and grabs onto him in hopes of preventing his departure. Harley arrives in time to hear Marina cry out that he didn't kidnap her.

Shocked, Harley tells the agents that Frank is lying about Cyrus being involved in the kidnapping. Doris also hears this and gets Cyrus (Murray Bartlett) released by reminding the agents he's still married to Alexandra and then vows to give this story to the press to hurt Buzz.

Doris advises her daughter that she is about to ruin Buzz's hopes for many votes in the election though Ashlee urges her not to do anything illegal.

Ashlee asks Coop to help her foil her mother's "dirty tricks." Harley (Beth Ehlers) helps Cyrus pick out a bracelet for Marina and later talks about the kiss they shared at the church.

Finding Josh wearing his collar for the first time, Edmund seeks spiritual advice and claims he wants a family like Cassie has. Josh sends him on his way. Instead, he hears Rick confessing to Josh about Beth's pregnancy.

Running into her at the hospital, Edmund questions Beth about her pregnancy and Beth admits Cassie pushed to get Alan (Ron Raines) out of her life. Rick intervenes and sends her away.

  • R.J. asks his brother why he locked himself in the barn but Will doesn't answer.

Finding Beth's missing $40 in R.J.'s coat pocket, Cassie (Nicole Forester) guesses he took the cash but can't get him to say anything. Edmund hints to Will that it would be much better if Josh was out of Cassie's life.

Guiding Light
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