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As Guiding Light returns, Lizzie reminds Cassie that today is Sarah's b-day and then lays into Bill for hurting his father. He asks what Billy did to him to cause him to do this but Bill won't talk.

Lizzie (Marcy Rylan) spots Harley with Cyrus and lets slip that Gus (Ricky  Paull Goldin) is engaged to Natalia. As Harley lets this sink in, Cyrus rushes Lizzie out and then is surprised when Cassie kisses him.

Cassie (Nicole Forester) apologizes as he rushes out. Josh calls Jeffrey and asks him if Edmund is dead. Jeffrey assures him that he didn't have to go that far to get Edmund out of Cassie's life.

Roc keeps an eye on a tied-up Edmund and confirms that he's waiting for word from Jeffrey on what to do with him. Edmund manages to send a text to Will who complains to Cassie that "Uncle Edmund" is not with them.

Cassie eventually agrees, but Josh is against it. Will and Cassie end up outside the room where Roc is holding Edmund and tells his mother that he thinks Edmund's inside, hurt.

Pretending to call the front desk, Josh tells them Edmund has checked out of the hotel and gone back to San Cristobel. Will doesn't believe him so Josh instructs Cassie to take the boy home while he looks around.

Josh then calls Jeffrey to report there is a problem. Josh later confronts Roc in the basement where Roc admits that Edmund got to his phone. Josh orders Edmund never to contact Will again.

He tells them they will wait for word from Jeffrey about "the plan." Marina brings Mallet (Robert Bogue) a Thanksgiving feast as he works and both admit they miss being partners. Bill enjoys pumpkin pie and past memories with his dad until he recommends Billy fire Lizzie.

Harley confides to Cassie she might have feelings for Cyrus.

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