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Daisy tries to convince Natalia that she can help Rafe (EJ Bonilla) release the anger he feels. Olivia (Crystal Chappell) tells Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) that she's dying and asks him to sleep with her. He refuses but as he kisses her on the cheek, Rafe spots them. He runs back to the mansion and urges his mother not to wed Gus.

Episode Recap, Part One

Saying he hired the best person for the job, Josh assures Cassie that she won't have to deal with Edmund ever again. He says Jeffrey is going to convince Edmund to leave town and never come back. Meanwhile, Jeffrey confronts Edmund and hints his life is in his hands. He offers to allow Edmund to return to San Cristobel. Edmund refuses, so Jeffrey explains option 2 - he'll see to it that Edmund is convicted of murder.

Episode Recap, Part Two

Edmund claims Del killed Alonzo and points out that Cassie saw he wasn't anywhere near the electrical box that electrocuted him. Jeffrey reminds him that he can change the evidence around to frame Edmund. He boasts that he already has a tape that shows Del was in another room at the time of the fatal shock.


Thanks to a crying Will, Jeffrey allows Edmund to stop by the farm for a visit. He confirms that he accepted Jeffrey's deal. Reunited with the boy, Edmund explains he must go back to San Cristobel. Will cries for him to stay to see him in the pageant. Cassie eventually agrees.

Guiding Light
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