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Part One

As Guiding Light returns, Doris is not pleased when Ashlee insists Coop (John Driscoll) didn't hurt her, only argued with her. Ashlee's concerned when Doris claims she knows she'll win the election. When she shows for work at the mall, Ashlee tells Coop she can't work there anymore. Coop disagrees.

Part Two

Inspector Morris Garvey from the Health Department announces to Ashlee and Coop that he's shutting CO2 down after receiving a "complaint." Ashlee guesses her mother is responsible. Coop sets her straight about being with Ava and she responds with a kiss which her mother sees. She then turns down a dinner invitation which surprises Coop. Ashlee warns her mother about trying to push the only good thing out of her life.

Part Three

Jeffrey reports that because Alonzo has been killed, the monarchy is pretty much dissolved which thus means Edmund now faces possible release. He adds that Edmund is in town for his hearing. Promising not to cause any trouble while in his jail, Edmund tells Frank that he doesn't intend to be behind bars much longer. Frank leaks that Josh has had a career change and is the new minister in town.

Part Four

Cassie decides to bring Will to see Edmund in hopes the visit will stop the boy's somberness. Meanwhile, when Josh complains about Jeffrey hanging around Cassie so much, Jeffrey urges Josh to work with him to protect Cassie. Edmund assures Cassie that he's sorry for all he did to her.

Cassie's affected when Will comes to life upon visiting Edmund. After she leaves with her son, Jeffrey talks to Edmund and warns him that he'll be watching him. R.J. feels left out as Josh and Cassie talk.

Guiding Light
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