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Guiding Light, 11/9/07 (PART 1) ... At the Beacon, Natalia finds the DVD of Gus and Harley's wedding and watches it. Olivia suggests to Natalia that Gus and Harley would still be together if not for her. Harley warns Frank that if he continues his obsession about Cyrus, he's going to lose Marina. When Agent Jenkins tells Frank (Frank Dicopoulos) that they're going to drop the investigation of Cyrus, Frank lies that he's about to be charged with felony kidnapping of Marina. Meanwhile, Marina asks Cyrus to marry him and Jenkins places Cyrus under arrest ...

Guiding Light, 11/9/07 (PART 2) ... Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) and Harley meet with Farther Ray about their impending annulment and confirm that they have given their decision much thought. Hearing about Cyrus' troubles, Harley (Beth Ehlers) scribbles her name on the annulment document and runs off, leaving Gus to slowly remove his wedding ring and place it with the documents. Later, Natalia finds Gus about to sign and stops him. She admits her role in Gus and Harley's relationship and rips up the papers.

Guiding Light, 11/9/07 (PART 3) ... Frank asks for her support. When Alan (Ron Raines) calls her for an update on her work on Gus, Olivia (Crystal Chappell) announces that she's changed her mind about helping him. Later, an amused Alan trashes her room while calling out Phillip's name. After he leaves the room, Olivia fears the worst when she sees the damage done. Watching her react, a pleased Alan walks off unaware that a mystery person with a teddy bear has seen the entire event.

Guiding Light
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