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Guiding Light: Episode Recap, 10-11-2007

After pushing Daisy to tell her mother and Rafe that she's pregnant, Reva stops by the minister's new office and tells Josh Daisy's news. As they are reminded of their own past, Josh confides that he doesn't want to have anymore kids. When Cassie confides to Olivia about her desire to have a child with Josh, Olivia urges her to be honest with Josh about her desire. Cassie runs back to Josh and tells him again she wants to have his baby. Matt runs into Dinah (Gina Tognoni) with some boxes and says it's time for her to be on her own.

  • She returns to the Beacon to pack and finds Mallet frustrated about Marina's disappearance.
  • She announces that they can't be together anymore.
  • Dinah then heads to Matt's room where she removes her wedding ring and states that she wants to be there with him.

Guiding Light: Episode Recap (Part II), 10-11-2007

The two then kiss passionately. Rafe and Gus both bring bag lunches to a working Natalia who guesses they both want something from her. As they dine in the hallway of the Beacon during her lunch break, Gus then hands Rafe a package from Alan and explains that it's a trip to Spain in honor of his graduation. Rafe hands it back but Gus urges the teen to do something for himself for the first time.

Natalia confides to Gus that Remy ended things with her and she blames him. She claims he can't hope to be with Harley (Beth Ehlers) while wanting Natalie. This results in the two of them kissing which Rafe notices. Feeling sick to her stomach thanks to her pregnancy, Daisy keeps her appointment at Cedar's to discuss her "situation" with Laura.

  • An excited Rafe tells Daisy about the trip to Spain and claims he's going to turn it in for one that they can take together. Reva leaks to Dylan that his daughter is pregnant.
  • Amazed by how excited Rafe is about traveling with her, Daisy decides it's time to talk with Natalia.
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