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After Cyrus hints that things will get worse for Alexandra if they don't hear from Griggs today, Harley decides to use Alexandra as bait. While Reva suggests that she wait a bit, Daisy guesses that it will be worse for everyone if she delays telling her mother about the abortion.

Guiding Light Episode Recap - 10/17/07

Distraught, Daisy calls Harley and meets her and Dylan at Company. Reva (Kim Zimmer) precedes her and as Natalia happens upon the place, Daisy's secret is leaked. Told that Rafe doesn't know, Buzz urges them all to give Daisy a break about the pregnancy. As they calm down, Reva leaks that Daisy had an abortion.

Natalia (Jessica Leccia) rages that she did the wrong thing. Outside Company, looking for her daughter, Harley lays into Reva for trying to steal her daughter from her and making this terrible mistake. Reva defends what she did and points out Harley chose to work rather than help her daughter. Dylan admits that he blasted their daughter and accused her of ruining her life before she had the procedure. Daisy slips back to the hotel room where Rafe (EJ Bonilla) finds her.

She confesses that their one night of passion made her pregnant. He's astounded but assures her that they can handle this together. As she tries to tell him about the abortion, Rafe starts talking about getting married and making a family together. Natalia interrupts and forces Daisy to finish telling what she did. Daisy claims she ended the pregnancy for his sake because she knew they were not ready for this. Outraged, Rafe walks out.


Natalia lectures Daisy that she took something she had no right to take
. Harley and Dylan find Daisy and comfort her but later, Daisy is furious when Dylan confirms Harley went back to work.

Guiding Light
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