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Part One
When Cyrus claims he memorized all Spaulding account numbers and passwords, Griggs fires once to stop him from laughing and threatens to shoot him if he doesn't tell them to him. Reunited with her father, Marina begs Frank (Frank Dicopoulos) to find and save Cyrus but when he refuses, Marina tries to climb out of bed. Harley goes after Cyrus herself.

Part Two
Gus invites Harley out for dinner to talk about their kids but she turns him down. Reva's upset to find Daisy has skipped school again but Daisy (Bonnie Dennison) complains that she saw Rafe with another girl. Reva and Daisy stop by the Spaulding mansion to see Rafe but Natalia claims he's out and wants nothing to do with her. Sending Daisy out, Reva lectures Natalia that Daisy should not be judged.

Part Three
Natalia won't let up so Reva points out that Rafe took Daisy's virginity and then didn't use a condom. She then accuses her of coming to Springfield to steal Harley's husband and then committed adultery. Later, when Reva (Kim Zimmer) talks with Buzz about Daisy, he suggests that she's done enough and Reva agrees it's time for Harley to help her daughter. Reva places a call to Jeffrey and leaves a message confessing her feelings.

Part Four
Meanwhile, Gus (Ricky Paull Goldin) announces to Natalia that Harley's done with him so it's time for them to be a family. Natalia explains that she must start living a better life. Harley (Beth Ehlers) finds Cyrus.

Guiding Light
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