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  • Josh and Cassie meet with Dr. Fields about surgery to enable Cassie to become pregnant. Though the odds are against her, Josh claims they have a lot in their favor so they go ahead with the procedure.
  • While waiting, Josh runs into Reva and leaks that Cassie is having a laparotomy in hopes that she can have a baby. Reva accuses him of giving up his life so that she can have what she wants. Cassie dreams of her children being with her but they flee because they're afraid of Alan (Ron Raines).
  • As Cassie recovers from the anesthetic, she mumbles to a concerned Beth that her baby is not Rick's but the nurse chases Beth out as Cassie tries to sleep. Later, Josh assures Cassie (Nicole Forester) that Rick did damage control and that he failed to tell Beth the truth too.
  • Hearing that his mother is trying to have another baby, R.J. wonders why he's not enough for her. Later, Cassie has a change of heart and announces to Josh that she doesn't want a new baby. She goes on to claim she wants Will back, especially since she feels Alonzo is not being a good father.
  • He reminds her that she signed away her rights as Will's mother but assures Cassie that he's ready for the legal battle. While Josh (Robert Newman) calls a mystery person, Cassie dials up Will who sadly admits that he misses her and that he only has one friend.
  • After the call, Cassie confides to R.J. that they might bring Will home to live with them. While Reva's impressed to hear Cassie wants Will back, she warns Josh that Jeffrey's not available to help right now but that he will once he's back in town.
Guiding Light
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