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  • After she turns in her gun and badge, Marina assures Mallet she is not giving up on finding Cyrus. Frank forces Marina to admit Harley's busy looking for Cyrus and admits he doesn't want her in the search.
  • As they wait for someone to rescue them from the cold, abandoned church, Cyrus gets Harley (Beth Ehlers) to play a game of rock, paper, scissors as the siren sounds to warn of the coming explosion.
  • Later, a bloody and bruised Griggs enters the ER and collapses.
  • Griggs tells Alexandra that Cyrus and Harley are in the demolished St. Michaels and doubts that they could have survived. Marina later tries to question Griggs but discovers that he's in a coma.
  • Throwing a birthday party for Emma, Olivia (Crystal Chappell) welcomes Rick and Beth inside and then is taken aback when she finds a present from Phillip with no return address.
  • Rick tries to assure her that Phillip won't come near Emma. Hearing she's thinking of moving out of the mansion, Alan urges Natalia to move into the guest house which faces his suite.
  • Gus later reveals he's having her things moved into the pool house which is closer to his room. When Alan arrives for the party and learns about Phillip's present, Olivia asks for his protection. He agrees but insists that she help drive Gus away from Natalia by getting involved with him.
  • Alexandra stops by the rubble that was once St. Michaels and lays a rose on what's left of the church. She's unaware that someone is moving inside.
  • Getting the antique cross Ava (Michelle Ray Smith) secretly purchased for him, Alan hands it to Natalia and claims Gus' mother once gave it to him.
  • Olivia approaches Gus and ends up in his arms, pretending she's deathly afraid of Phillip returning.
Guiding Light
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