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Coop reminds Buzz (Justin Deas) why they’re campaigning, even with Marina gone. When Coop (John Driscoll) shows Buzz Doris’s mean-spirited campaign video, he has an idea to retaliate. Buzz wants to create a love letter to Springfield.

They decide to interview different people and just see what happens. After catching people in various states of misery, Buzz says he realizes he doesn’t know Springfield as well as he thought.

A weary Buzz concedes to Doris that maybe Springfield’s citizens deserve a woman like her, after all. Buzz has a disheartening conversation with Jeffrey about what keeps them going. But when he sees Jeffrey light up over Ava, Buzz can’t deny the power of family.

After watching Jeffrey, Olivia and Ava, Buzz has an idea. Through more interviews, Buzz sees that Springfield is a place for family, redemption, and second chances. Buzz says that in Springfield people manage to find each other, and is renewed with a sense of hope for his campaign.

Guiding Light
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