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October 31, 2007 - Guiding Light Recap (I)

It's Halloween. Shocked to run into Edmund, Dinah is taken aback when he suggests they can work together. He also leaks that Cassie is coming today. When an aid finds him loose, Edmund's taken back to his room where a crazed Del yells at him. Stopping by to visit with Dinah, Lizzie (Marcy Rylan) gets lost in a stairwell at the mental hospital and is frightened as she runs into various patients. Cassie, Jeffrey and Josh arrive and find Halloween being celebrated by various staff members.

October 31, 2007 - Guiding Light Recap (II)

Eventually, the power goes out and Edmund discovers the electronic lock on his door is off. Cassie gets separated from the others and screams when she runs into Edmund. He asks her not to be frightened. After she thanks him, Edmund offers his sympathy about Tammy. When she mentions the hearing, he offers his help getting Will back. As he escorts her to the hearing, the two run into Will. Cassie (Nicole Forester) asks if Alonzo brought him but Will rushes to Edmund's arms and tells him he was worried after he left his room.

October 31, 2007 - Guiding Light Recap (III)

Alonzo is upset Will is there to see Edmund. When the power goes out again, Alonzo screams and later, Jeffrey determines that he's dead and that Alonzo was electrocuted. Edmund insists he was standing near Cassie and Will but Jeffrey finds a bruise on Alonzo's back and presses Edmund for the truth. Meanwhile, armed with a screwdriver, Del tries to attack Cassie but Edmund saves her. Del boasts that he killed Alonzo. Later, Cassie thanks Edmund and tells Will he's coming home with her. Dinah runs into Mallet (Robert Bogue) who refuses to take her out of the place. Marina runs into a frightened Lizzie who later offers to free Dinah.

Guiding Light
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