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Harley assures Frank (Frank Dicopoulous) that she can work with Gus until her reassignment goes through. While on a lunch break from school on Main Street, Daisy is arrested after the Spaulding butler files a complaint about her "attack" the other day.

Recap, Part I

Rafe rushes to the mansion where Gus and Natalia send him back to school while promising to help Daisy. Rafe decides to head to the station house where he gets his hands on the keys to her cell and lets her out. Natalia accompanies Gus as he heads to Harley's place to let her know that Daisy was arrested.

They rush back to the mansion where Rafe makes an impassioned plea and convinces the butler to drop the complaint.

Recap, Part II

Frank orders Daisy be released and opts not to arrest Rafe for breaking her out. A grateful Daisy tells Rafe she wants to thank him at the lake house.

Later, Harley (Beth Ehlers) removes her wedding ring.

Catching Matt and Dinah eyeing jewelry on the Internet, Marina lays into Dinah for shopping online while Mallet works overtime and even tries to sell his car to pay her medical bills. Surprising him outside the hotel room he's secretly taken, Dinah asks Cyrus when he's planning to make his next move.

Recap, Part III

She suggests he take Alexandra's jewels but he claims the security is too tough and that he needs a bigger payday that "no one sees coming."

Later, Alexandra invites Cyrus to co-chair a big fundraiser with her. He later advises Griggs that this is the opportunity he's been waiting for and assigns him to be in the hotel room the night of the fundraiser and access bank accounts including the Spaulding's via the internet.


Cyrus hints to Marina that their time together is coming.

Guiding Light
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