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  • Jeffrey and Reva are on a dinner date when Alan shows up to warn Reva (Kim Zimmer) that Jeffrey has been doing some digging. Jeffrey keeps prying but avoids the truth all together.
  • Jeffrey makes a suspicious call trying to find out where Reva and Alan really went. Alan, infuriated that Jeffrey spoke to his pilot, calls Reva and demands she end things with Jeffrey.


Gus moves into the mansion, in the room right next to Natalia. After Gus tells Alan about Rafe having sex with Daisy, Alan points out to Gus that he has an opportunity now to protect Rafe from Daisy. Rafe and Daisy are distraught when Natalia and Gus insist on keeping them apart. Natalia tells Gus she’s going to go out with Remy tonight, and later an angry Gus orders Remy to stay away from Natalia.


Alan invites Natalia to the Spaulding Diabetes Event and surprisingly, she says yes. As Daisy tells Ashlee how much she enjoyed being with Rafe, it becomes clear that Ashlee is really uncomfortable with the subject. Daisy is thrilled to see Rafe but Gus orders her to go home. Later, Daisy (Bonnie Dennison) and Rafe finally meet up and they fall into a blissful kiss.

Guiding Light
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