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Reva suffers a terrible nightmare in which someone is shot and she finds her hands covered with blood. She runs to see the Reverend Ruthledge but finds Josh holding "office hours" instead. When she decides to wait, Josh (Robert Newman) assures her that she is a good person.

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Ava questions Alan why he wants to set up a trust for Rafe and a portfolio for Natalia. He confirms that he is "stepping back" from work at Spaulding and hints it's to reconnect with the family he's lost. Gus interrupts and asks where he can lock up his handgun. Alan instructs him to place it in his desk drawer.

Though he hands Gus the key, Alan has another he uses to open up the drawer so he can handle the weapon. Later, Alan goes for a walk and talks aloud to Phillip and admits how much he misses their talks.

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He then rips up the pilot's flight plans for Tourmaline. As Reva is about to tell an impatient Jeffrey what's been bothering her, Alan interrupts and fakes a panic attack. Reva takes him back to the Spaulding mansion. When Reva admits she can't live with their secret and Jeffrey, she later announces to Jeffrey that she can't live at the Cross Creek cabin right now.

  • As she blames her decision on her lingering feelings for Josh, Jeffrey argues with her but Reva insists and stuns him with her decision to move into the mansion with Alan.
  • Hearing the news from Jeffrey, Cassie confronts her sister and, after a few beers, Cassie announces that if she moves in with Alan (Ron Raines), she can't be in her life anymore.


She ends up accompanying Reva to the mansion where she lectures Alan about harming her sister. Later, Alan asks Reva if she's ever going to thank him for saving her life.

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