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Alan (Ron Raines) gets a phone call informing him that Jonathan is alive in Tourmaline, Calif. Alan asks Reva if she’s ever heard of the town Tourmaline?

Episode Guide, Part One

When Alan tells Reva that he’s going to California, Reva rushes to beat him there to warn Jon. Jeffrey is worried about where Reva is and calls Alan only to learn he’s taken his private jet.

The cop gives Daisy one phone call.

She calls Rafe and he shows up to comfort her. Frank also arrives and tells Daisy (Bonnie Dennison) she needs to get to Harley quick ... she’ll need some support of her own. Gus rushes to the hospital to check on Natalia and Rafe and learns that Rafe is fine.

Episode Guide, Part Two

Gus realizes that Alan scammed him to miss out on the vow ceremony.

After Gus is a no show, Jeffrey tries to encourage Harley not to give up hope, but she leaves. Gus appears and tries to explain himself to Harley but she tells Gus she doesn’t trust him anymore.

Harley breaks down in Daisy’s arms, pulls off her wedding ring and walks away, as Gus is comforted by Rafe. Remy goes on a date with Lola whose got a wild streak and suggests they go somewhere private.


Lola and Remy are making out, when Natalia comes around the corner and locks eyes with Remy.

Remy immediately pulls away from Lola, and goes after Natalia. Remy reminds Natalia he’s there for her, and Natalia and Remy agree to try being together again.

Guiding Light
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