September 5, 2007 Photograph
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Part I

Cyrus remembers stealing jewels from wealthy women in Europe with Dinah. When a woman Cyrus stole from happens to be a committee member at the country club, Alex stands up for him.

As he catches a glimpse of Marina, Cyrus recalls telling Dinah (Gina Tognoni) that there is no room for feelings and emotions in the game of thievery.

Part II

Cyrus and Alex make a large donation to back Buzz’s campaign. Griggs was starting to worry Cyrus would get too invested in this town but isn’t so worried anymore. Marina and Cyrus share a charged moment.

Cyrus finds Dinah following him and she asks him why he gave Marina up if he loves her. Later, Cyrus is uncomfortable as Alex tells him how much he’s done for her.

Part III

Marina finds Cyrus in her bedroom and handcuffs him. He explains his job was to rob Alex, so he and Marina could go away together.

Marina reminds Cyrus that she’s a cop and he pleads with her to take a chance on him but she walks away. Griggs confronts Cyrus about Marina, worried that Cyrus is going to blow the job.

Part IV

Later, Marina is twigged when Mallet says that Marina is very self-reliant, just like Mallet used to be until Dinah changed that. Marina has dragged Cyrus to the home of Harley (Beth Ehlers) where she questions him about his plan.

Dinah overhears and is ready to reveal the entire plan to Alex.

Guiding Light
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